NutriFood Chemistry Organizing Committee

Michelle Thatcher

U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce

Biography: Michelle Thatcher recently accepted the position of CEO of U.S. Green ReadMore...

Research Interest: Natural resources, Conservation of food, water

Lawrence Smith

Electrolyzer company

Biography: Lawrence Smith has been involved in the food industry for most of his ReadMore...

Research Interest: Food system Management, food agriculture business,food manuf ReadMore...

Yongjae Lee

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Biography: Yongjae Lee is a Head of Separation Science at Food Protein R&D Center ReadMore...

Research Interest: food protein,food technology,Separation Sciences,Protein tec ReadMore...

Alvin Lee

Director, Center for Processing Innovation
Illinois Institute of Technology

Biography: Alvin Lee is Center Director and Associate Professor of Food Science a ReadMore...

Research Interest: Microbiologist and virologist with more than 10 years' resea ReadMore...

John P. Tsaknis

Dean of the Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition
Technological Educational Institutions (T.E.I.) of Athens.

Biography: John Tsaknis has completed his Ph.D. and Postdoctoral studies from Lin ReadMore...

Research Interest: Food Technology,chemistry and nurtition

Chandan Prasad

Professor of Nutrition and Food Sciences
Woman Texas University

Biography: PhD (1970), Microbiology & Biochemistry, Louisiana State University, B ReadMore...

Research Interest: Dr. Prasad investigates etiology of obesity and related meta ReadMore...

Ofero A. Caparino

Divison Chief,BioProcess Engineering Division
Philippine Center for Postharvest Development and Mechanization

Biography: Dr. Ofero A. Caparino has completed his Ph.D. in Biological and Agricu ReadMore...

Research Interest: Development of emerging and innovative thermal and non-therm ReadMore...

Mingruo Guo

University of Vermont

Biography: MingruoGuo, a food chemist and a full professor in the Department of N ReadMore...

Research Interest: Mingruo Guo's scholarly interests include creating environme ReadMore...

Balunkeswar (Balu) Nayak

Assistant Professor of Food Processing
University of Maine

Biography: Dr. Balunkeswar (Balu) Nayak is an Assistant Professor of Food Process ReadMore...

Research Interest: Effects of food processing on chemical hazards in foods incl ReadMore...

Harjinder singh

Riddet Institute (Centre of Research Excellence), Massey University
New zaeland

Biography: Professor Harjinder Singh's current research programme involves unders ReadMore...

Research Interest: Structures, interactions, and functions of food proteins; fo ReadMore...

Julie Miller Jones

Professor and Nutritionist
St. Catherine University

Biography: Julie Jones, a board certified and Licensed Nutritionist, received her ReadMore...

Research Interest: women’s issues (body image and osteoporosis), food safety, ReadMore...

Anil Kumar Anal

Associate Professor
Food Engineering and Bioprocess Technology

Asian Institute of Technology

Biography: Anil Kumar Anal is Associate Professor and Coordinator in Food Agricul ReadMore...

Research Interest: He has also interest on food and nutrition security and bio ReadMore...

Michael Eskin

Associate Dean and Professor
University of Manitoba

Biography: N. A. Michael Eskin is Professor and Associate Dean in the Department ReadMore...

Research Interest: Dr. Eskin continues his research on the quality and frying p ReadMore...

John Tsaknis

Professor and Dean
Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Athens

Biography: John Tsaknis has completed his Ph.D. and Postdoctoral studies from Lin ReadMore...

Research Interest: John Tsaknis's research interest includes: Food Technology,N ReadMore...

Sunil Wimalawansa

Wimalawansa Foundation

Biography: Dr. Wimalawansa, MD, PhD, MBA, DSc, Professor of Medicine, former Chie ReadMore...

Research Interest: Sunil Wimalawansa's research interests include: osteoporosis ReadMore...

Somayeh Sabouri

PhD Candidate
University of Guelph

Biography: -

Research Interest: -

Afef Janen

Alabama A&M University

Biography: Afef Janen, female, originally from Tunisia, food chemist, graduated w ReadMore...

Research Interest: My prior research work in my masters’ program focused on F ReadMore...

Baojun (Bruce) Xu

Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College

Biography: Dr. Xu is a professor in Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist U ReadMore...

Research Interest: John Tsaknis's research interest includes: The overall goal ReadMore...

Shuntang Guo

China Agricultural University

Biography: Dr. Shuntang Guo is a professor at College of Food Science and Nutriti ReadMore...

Research Interest: Shuntang Guo’s research area includes: new theory and tech ReadMore...

Cornelia Witthoft

Linnaeus University

Biography: Cornelia Witthoft is professor in food science at Linnaeus University ReadMore...

Research Interest: Cornelia Witthoft\'s research areas includes Food science, h ReadMore...

Ana Sanches Silva

National Institute of Health Dr. Ricardo Jorge (INSA)

Biography: Ana Sanches-Silva obtained the degree in Pharmacy by the University of ReadMore...

Research Interest: Ana Sanches-Silva has a remarkable track record and her rese ReadMore...

Mingruo Guo

University of Vermont
Burlington, United States

Biography: Mingruo Guo is a food chemist and inventor, specializes in the areas o ReadMore...

Research Interest: Mingruo Guo’s research areas includes: Environmentally saf ReadMore...

Ramprakash Pandian

Quality Assurance and Food Safety Manager
Sofina Foods

Biography: Ramprakash Pandian currently leads the quality assurance team at Sofin ReadMore...

Research Interest: Ramprakash Pandian's research interests includes:Food Safety ReadMore...

Andras Koris

Associate Professor
Corvinus University of Budapest

Biography: Andras Koris is an Associate professor of Food Science, Corvinus Unive ReadMore...

Research Interest: Andras Koris\'s research area includes:Refining of crude oil ReadMore...

Michal Trevan

Dean Emeritus
University of Manitoba

Biography: Michael Trevan is an enthusiastic champion of agriculture and has serv ReadMore...

Research Interest: Agricultural and Food sciences.

Prof. Hanee M. Al- Dmoor

Al-Balqa Applied University

Biography: Dr. Hanee M. Al-Dmoor is a Professor of Food Science & Technology in t ReadMore...

Research Interest: Dr. Hanee M. Al-Dmoor Reseach Interest include Food science ReadMore...

Randy Brown

Assistant Coach
National Basketball Association

Biography: Randy Brown reached the highest level in men's college basketball at t ReadMore...

Research Interest: Basketball and Sports Nutrition.

Kevin S. Murphy

University of Central Florida

Biography: Kevin S. Murphy earned his Ph.D. in Strategic Management and Human Res ReadMore...

Research Interest: He specializes in strategic management, human resources mana ReadMore...

Laura Frank

University of Washington

Biography: Laura Frank holds several academic degrees including a Bachelor of Sci ReadMore...

Research Interest: Nutrition, Public health research, Dietics, Food science and ReadMore...

Fahim Shaltout

Benha University

Biography: Fahim Shaltout is currently working as a Professor in the Department o ReadMore...

Research Interest: Veterinary medicine, Meat hygiene, Food safety, Food quality ReadMore...

SD Kulkarni

Former Project Director
ICAR - Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering (CIAE)

Biography: SD Kulkarni (Born in Nov. 1954) did his B.Tech (Agricultural Engineeri ReadMore...

Research Interest: Food science, Agriculture, Nutrition and Food packaging